KIFÜ - HPC documentation

The supercomputer service of the Governmental Information Technology Development Agency (KIFÜ) is used to run scientific, R&D computing tasks and to store data for scientific purposes.


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In order to cover the various types of scientific computing tasks as widely as possible, the Komondor system has partitions with different structures: CPU cluster, GPU cluster, large-memory NUMA and 8-GPU AI computing subsystem.

The system can be accessed nationally through the high-bandwidth, low-latency HBONE+ data network of the KIFÜ, with the help of harmonized user identification.

Komondor is currently Hungary’s largest resource for scientific computing, the supercomputer system is operated and developed by KIFÜ.

After registration, the system can be accessed by any person or research group that has a legal relationship with the KIFÜ.

State-of-the-art development tools and applications for scientific calculations can be found and run on the machine, and the system is supplemented with visualization tools that can display the results of calculation tasks.

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